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Welcome! Here you'll find a random story I write as often as I can. It's centralized around a guy named Milo whom I like as a character. But the real purpose of all this is to entertain you (so comment!) and to write daily. Please keep in mind that my first language is german and I just write in english cuz I feel like.

Fucked up Foreplay Part III

(Please check this and this out before reading Part III in case you are new.)

 "Milo, sweetheart!," his Mom greeted him and immediately took him into a close embrace. Milo stiffened but nevertheless returned the hug uneasily.
He could make out his father in the kitchen doorway, in front of him the wheelchair with Daniel sitting in it. His younger brother clapsed with his tiny hands.
Milo stepped into the house then and closed the door behind him. It smelled

(the rest will be coming tomorrow, im sorry, didnt have any time)

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