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Welcome! Here you'll find a random story I write as often as I can. It's centralized around a guy named Milo whom I like as a character. But the real purpose of all this is to entertain you (so comment!) and to write daily. Please keep in mind that my first language is german and I just write in english cuz I feel like.

Fucked up Foreplay Part II

(Please check this out before reading this part in case you are new.)

Milo never took the car to his parents' house. Instead he got on the bus the next morning unwillingly. He never visited his family, but ... well, it was his birthday. He could quickly drop by, eat some cake, reassure his mother everythin' was fine - not that things changed if it wasn't - and his mind would be pleased until christmas. Or: no, his mind was just fine, it was more that he wouldn't have to talk to his parents every other week when they remembered he was alive. But whatever.
Milo actually had to pay attention to where the bus was by now. His visits were too rare to know the way by heart.
On the opposite there was a girl sitting. She was damn hot, with that silky hair falling down the back of hers. But she was probably about 16. Not his hunting area. Milo didn't care about the law or that it was like ... not nice for someone to fuck an underage. He was more that first she probably still was a virgin and you could get your kick outa that, but it brought problems along just like that. She wouldn't just let him fuck her, naw, she would want to get to know him first, to let him meet her parents, to take her time before she would give herself to him completely. And if that wasn't enough already, no, there was still the fact she didn't know a goddamn thing. She's never sucked anyone off, she probably wouldn't even want to swallow. And he was just not the kinda guy who was being careful so she doesn't get hurt.
Nonetheless, she smiled at him. He smiled back but turned away quickly so he could stare out the window. He didn't wanna give her hopes but neither did he want to crash her self-confidence completely. Girls that age were easily shattered, he could tell.
He shot her a quick glance sideways. She was putting on another layer of her lip gloss. Why did girls do that?! It was just gross to kiss 'em then. Well, it did look good, though. But still, was not worth it.
The girl obviously knew she was beautiful. Maybe it wouldn't shatter her at all if he at least played some with her.
But not today. His parents probably were already awaiting him.
Well ... well ...
He got up and took the seat next to the girl who quickly put away her lip gloss. She knew she was stunning, yet she was shy. Probably 'cause Milo knew he was just as stunning. And older. She obviously was flattered by him giving her attention. She was good-looking nevertheless, with that red on her cheeks.
"Hey" he said huskily, perfectly aware that it was his best I-wanna-bent-you-over-and-take-you-from-behind-voise. Her blush became deep red.
"H-Hey" she said in a high voice. Wow, she sounded young.
"How are you?"
"Uhm ... fine?"
"That's good. I'm Milo." Again he was the politeness himself. There was a pause. Then: "And you?"
"Oh! Im Amy!"
Not only her voice sounded young, her name did as well.
He bit his lip. Not sure. She was damn hot, he shouldn't picture her naked or, well ... it would be visible. But still, it was plain clear she was innocent.
"I'd love to talk to you, you're wicked cute. But I gotta get out the next stop" he apologized. It wasn't even a lie. Milo quickly took a pen he always kept in the pocket of his jacket.
"Will you give me your number?" he asked, a smile around his lips like he wasn't sure she would. But of course she scribbled her number on his arm, her hand shaking nervously.
"And you'll call me?"
Milo smiled reassuringly and left the bus, aiming his parents' house.

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svenni :) (21.9.10 23:18)
i really would like to meet Milo,but with the knowledge that i got now so i couldv good sex with him with already knowing hes a fucker!
no not being serious.i wouldnt.
but still i would like to see him,he must be quite handsome
i love the continuation.already told you
keep it up!

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