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Welcome! Here you'll find a random story I write as often as I can. It's centralized around a guy named Milo whom I like as a character. But the real purpose of all this is to entertain you (so comment!) and to write daily. Please keep in mind that my first language is german and I just write in english cuz I feel like.

Fucked up Foreplay Part I

She cuddled herself next to him, one hand tracing along his bare chest. Her fingernails were a bit t... weiterlesen
20.9.10 16:20


Fucked up Foreplay Part II

(Please check this out before reading this part in case you are new.)Milo never took the car to his... weiterlesen
21.9.10 22:55

Fucked up Foreplay Part III

(Please check this and this out before reading Part III in case you are new.)  "Milo, swe... weiterlesen
26.9.10 22:25


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